Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lost Tooth #2 for the Big Guy

Thankfully it was still a bottom tooth. His top one is loose now and the world will change when he loses it and grows a huge grown-up tooth in its place. He will not be that sweet-looking little boy I have loved for so long. I'm being a little dramatic and sentimental, but you know what I mean. He will be the same kid - it is just a bigger sign than usual that he is growing up fast.

The Tooth Fairy does come to our house. I feel really bad for her trying to find that little bity tooth way up high under a bunk bed pillow. The poor thing has her work cut out for her. Hubby didn't think it would work, but I suggested he just leave it on the pirate ship in his room. I thought she could find it easier and she did! He got a gold dollar coin. We did have to set him straight when he had the brilliant plan of knocking out some extra teeth to make more money. She doesn't work like that.


MCK Mama said...

I can't read. I kept thinking that "lost" in your title actually said "loose" and, looking at the photograph, I was like "dang!" that has got to be the "loosest" tooth I have ever seen! It's in Big Guy's hand! But I see now, you do realize it was lost. But not actually lost. Well, I guess now it might be, since the T.F. has it. But a gold coin in its stead? Aye, matey!

Lisa said...

Dear Mck Mama,


I guess it isn't lost at all. Or, wasn't lost. Unless you consider it lost from his mouth. Lost from its other teeth friends. I should have titled it 'pulled tooth'. He was so bored in time out that he went ahead and pulled it out.

Kristi said...

Oh yes...losing teeth! What a BIG DEAL (and I can see myself getting sentimental about it as well)!!!

My oldest is almost seven and is still waiting for her FIRST tooth to fall out! Every day she asks us to wiggle her teeth to see if any of them are loose...

One of these days, I tell her!!! :-)