Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dream Jeep

He asked for a jeep for Christmas and his birthday. He did not mean a kid's jeep, but a REAL jeep. He is obsessed with them and every time we see one on the road we all get excited. I found this jeep for him at a consignment sale a few weeks ago. Today was the first day he got to drive it. He made some big improvements this week in his behavior and his potty incidents and definitely earned it. There was a bit of a fit when he had to stop riding, but that was expected. I'm so proud of him and really love this little guy. He gives us a pretty hard time and sometimes I wish I had more patience. I have lately seen God working through the challenges that we have had from this 4 year old boy. Among other things, I have become a different and better mother and have also given it all up to God because at times I can't take it. That is exactly what I am supposed to do anyway - give it all to God.


Kim said...

Gotta love the looks on their faces when they receive something they have t otally wanted!
Mine has a truck, (an F-150 Harley Davidson edition to be exact, so it is not small, even in the slightest.)

Your children are beautiful, I bumped into your blog through MCK Mama's

Amanda said...

I, too, have a very challenging 4 year old. But, like you, parenting her has taught me MORE about myself and has helped me become a MUCH better mom in the process. It's a difficult job, being a mom.