Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RIP, Rebel

My Dear Sweet RebelWe had a lot of good years together. Four to be exact. I think I may have just worn her plum out. I'm not sure what is wrong and suspect fixing her would cost more than buying a new one. I especially liked to take her with us on outings because she is so much lighter than my Mac-Daddy Camera. I first noticed a problem at the baseball game when the autofocus stopped working. That is why I have so many pictures focused on the lovely green grass. I couldn't hang over the railing and manually focus at the same time, ya know?

To my husband: Now you know what I was doing outside taking a picture of my camera (since you asked). I had to memorialize her on My Blog. I hope the neighbors didn't see.

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MCK Mama said...

Rest in peace, dear one. Thank you for your four years of service. Your obituary shot is just so becoming. I will always remember you this way.