Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prayers for New Baby

Warning: Not a happy email.

I'm just feeling terrible for my friend. I've printed the message her husband wrote on a blog (deleting names). I don't know if this baby is going to make it, but either way it doesn't look good. I knew he was in the NICU and found out this morning at church it was much more serious than I thought. This is her third little boy and we have been anticipating his arrival for what seems like forever. My family drove out of town today and I had an hour coming and going in the car to just think about how sad a situation this is. Not sad - heartbreaking. With every child I delivered the first thing out of my mouth when they were born was "is he/she okay?" Truthfully, I think I said it frantically 3 or 4 times until I believed it. This is a nightmare come true. I know what it is like to prepare for a baby and not get to keep him. I keep imagining her going home to a house that is ready for a baby without him. No one deserves that grief...I shouldn't get so ahead of myself with worry.

I was glad to see pictures of the baby on the blog. It at least made me feel better to see them smiling and to see the brothers with the new baby. He will always be their precious little baby no matter what happens. I'm glad they have had this time with him. I passed along the message to make sure they get some photographs of the little guy. I think the nurses at her hospital are familiar with the organization Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

Please keep this family in your prayers. Thank you.

[Baby G] was born at 9:44 pm on Monday, April 7th. He was 7lbs, 2.8 oz and 19 inches long at birth. He looks so much like his big brother -blonde hair and blue eyes.

[Baby G] was not breathing when he was born, and had to be resuscitated. He went straight to the NICU at [hospita]. We were able to go in and see him around 3 am--he was in an oxygen tent but was looking around, and even seemed to look at us.

[Baby G] made remarkable improvements from a respiratory standpoint, and was breathing on room air for a while. However, he began to have some neurological complications. [Baby G] was experiencing seizures, and based on the results of the first MRI and the EEG, [Baby G] was transfered to the NICU at [hospital]. [Baby G] suffered a catastrophic brain injury at some point during the pregnancy or delivery, caused by lack of oxygen. The injury is not localized, but rather encompasses both hemispheres of his brain. He is on anti-seizure medication now which also acts as a sedative, so he just stays asleep.

He is a sweet little baby; [A] got to wash his hair this morning and we both held him for a little while.

Update: 4/18/08 They have taken [Baby G] home so their two little boys can spend more time with him. He is not expected to live another week. The four year old is excited about his new baby brother and does not understand how sick he is.

Baby G: 4/7/08 - 5/3/08


Kim said...

This is so heart-wrenching. I will definitely keep this family in my thoughts and prayers for sure. I hope all turns out well for them and this precious little gift of life.

Kristi said...

Heart-breaking. Wow. I will pray for them right now.

We have a child with epilepsy...but I can't imagine seeing your newborn baby having seizures. Makes my heart hurt for the parents. Thanks for sharing this, Lisa. I hope and pray that the baby is doing better.