Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sit, Sits, Sat, Sitting

I promise I am not obsessed about Baby Girl's sitting ability. I hover over her at all times amused by anything she does. Sometimes I actually have my camera with me. After this I won't comment on her sitting skills anymore as I am even boring myself.

This was my view from the bathroom while I was getting everything ready for her bath. I can't even remember when her last bath before this was, but that is a for another post, another day.

I sat her in her bed and expected her to fall right over. She just sat and sat with her Cabbage Patch arms straight out carefully balancing on her bottom. Every time I peeked out the door she was grinning at me. It was funny just to see her head sticking up.
After a very long time she started her descent down.And this is how she ended. Face down.


Amy Jo said...

haha.. Love the last photo. My baby girl is just a couple months older and scooting around pretty good these days. But I still remember those face plants! Please do tell about baths... I have internal battles about how necessary they really are, or how frequently they need to be administered. Even washing up faces is a CHORE for me. Is this the direction you were implying? If not, then um..... I'm embarrased and I gave my little ones baths tonight. Church tomorrow, you know.

Angela said...

Oh! I remember those days!!! They weren't but a year ago. Cute sitting and... KERPLUNK. Love that you captured that in photos!

Kim said...

Lol... I too love the last photo, however the first one is waaay to cut! Those big brown eyes could melt anyone's heart!