Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

I attempted to get back in to the swing of things yesterday. I had my first doubles tennis match since I was 18 weeks pregnant with Baby Girl. I had been saying that I had not picked up a racket in a year, but that isn't true. I now remember that I went to a Cardio Tennis class in January and was not ready to move so much. It was awful. I am out of shape now and was a slug back then. The rain came and went and finally the lightning made us stop before we were finished. We had a good showing winning the first set 6-0.

When I get to play other girls from around town that I don't know, I always realize something. I am old. Last year I was on a tennis team of young 20-something year olds. I still feel that age inside. However, when I was around them it was clear that I am definitely not. I don't have a cane or wear polyester pant suits, but you can just tell. The biggest difference is that they "go out" until 1 am or later on Friday AND Saturday night. Wow. I don't know this for sure, but I bet anything they get to sleep late. Ugh! They could also drink lots and lots of beer. If I were to try and drink two, I'm sure I would be babbling like an idiot or asleep. I'm not sure which. You think you can hang with them and they are thinking you remind them of their Mom. Driving away in my minivan certainly didn't improve my lack of coolness.

The girls we played today were of the younger sort. One of them was concerned about the rain holding us up because she had a date at 8 PM. "A DATE!" my partner and I both gleefully say. My partner is an old college friend with six kids of her own. She said to me "She has a date at 8 and I am in bed at 8!" and I said "tell me everything!" She was 5 minutes into some dating stories before my partner looked at me and said "I am so glad we are not dating." Oh yeah. Now I remember. The turkeys. Lots and lots of turkeys. It was hard enough way back when so I'm glad I am not doing it now in the age of texting. I wouldn't mind that sleeping late thing, though.

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